Jesse B. HannahJesse B. Hannah

“Bag Man,” a Rachel Maddow Podcast

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This is a story that is not well known. But it really should be…especially, maybe, now.

It’s the story of a criminal occupant of the White House…whose crimes are discovered by his own Justice Department…

Who then tries to hold onto power…by obstructing the investigation into his crimes, by smearing and threatening the prosecutors who are investigating him…and by trying to convince his legion of supporters across the country…that none of the allegations are true. That it’s all just a big witch-hunt.

And if that sounds familiar…it’s because history…is here to help! I firmly believe it.

If you caught Rachel Maddow’s scoop last night about what Spiro Agnew was up to in the years after his resignation (and how he relates to the Justice Department’s regulations about whether or not a sitting President can be indicted), but haven’t yet listened to “Bag Man,” you owe it to yourself to check it out. In fact, even if you haven’t watched any of The Rachel Maddow Show, you owe it to yourself to check “Bag Man” out anyway.