On May 2, I’ll be joining the team formerly known as Giftcard Zen, now part of RetailMeNot, as a Ruby on Rails and Angular.js software engineer. It’s no secret that I’ve been doing Ruby and Rails development for a long time on my own, but this will be my first position as a full-time Rails developer, and I couldn’t be more excited[1].

I have had an excellent year-plus at Cyberitas Technologies, and I’ll definitely miss it. If you are a developer of just about any sort in the Phoenix area, I can’t recommend the operation that Bruce and Scott have built there highly enough. For me, though, ever since one of GCZ’s developers messaged me on LinkedIn to say he checked out my podcast before contacting me, and then we found out that just about every tool they use, I’ve already used for my own projects, it’s felt like a perfect fit. Jumping over to a startup (even a recently acquired one) is always a risk, but it’s one that it’s the right time for me to take, and one that plays to my strengths.

  1. Not just to not be developing in PHP every day anymore. Although I will admit, that’s part of it. ↩︎